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We are glad to announce our first newsletter publication this year. As 2010 brings fresh ideas and optimism we would love the opportunity to connect with you periodically.

In each newsletter we would like to talk about latest trends on web solutions, company updates, and success stories. Glad you could be part of this. Have a wonderful and successful year.


Siva Yenneti, Director, Business Solutions

ITVibes, Inc.


Is your business ready for 2010?

Analysts predict that in 2010 25% of small businesses will be profitable. Is your business one of them? Read more

Are you a Rockstar? Even in Crisis?

Ten quick and simple steps (general beliefs) that could help us go through any crisis situations seamlessly. Read more

Social Media Networking -- it's all about CONNECTING

Companies are using Social Media to create awareness to their services, products and publish company updates simultaneously receiving feedbacks to improve their offerings.  Read more


Business productivity is about reducing busy-ness in business. Check out this online tool to achieve it.

Customer Manager (CRM)

One of the most important parts of your business is Sales. Use CRM tool to:

* Manage leads, customers and track activities
* Integrate sales efforts seamlessly
* Never lose track of a sales follow up
* Integrate with Email marketing
* Access from anywhere, from any computer

Read more

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Words of Wisdom!

Struggling is nature's way of strengthening us. Like the moth that struggles hard to come out of cocoon just to emerge as a wonderful creature.

Always set the trail, Never follow the path. Take up the challenge.

Sometimes with great changes come great opportunities.

Leadership is not about ability. It is about responsibility.

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